Gallery of Faces

Insta: @nfsbmn.fs

„I created this concept to portray the image of fashion in the midst of pandemic. „
Insta: @trojanxxz

“Universe is in us” and we wanted to show that ppl should search for the universal answer inside.
Insta: @ivanmeruvan
„Glow is over“ Insta: @lucaspezeta

„The pics tells a story of a lady that has overcome a lot of shaming and still standing tall and fierce“
Insta: @jeny.zest

This picture is a portrayal of acceptance, despite the society being judgmental about color and such i wanted to bring out somebody who has learnt to value themselves as see themselves as golden
Insta: @bear_art.s

Touching the senses through colors, the personification of beauty and guile , all this is put together in one photo.
Insta: @anaya_91

„There’s plenty of issues in the world, but good people always come together to keep helping each other.“
Insta: @doublepressedphotography

Changing attitude, eliminating pessimism, (tearing part of Nilex means eliminating bad and negative views)
Insta: @fateme_mahbob
No words.
Insta: @dasha.rem

Insta: @caiocardenas

Hi celixoy.. this picture taken at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. About homeless and hoping for good fortune in the future.
Insta: @_byruzaidee

Insta: @aaa.dil

Kostenloses Stock Foto zu attraktiv, augen, fashion
Insta: @mihaistefann